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The APIRS Index is permanently closed. Thank you to everyone for your support over the years.

  • Notification on Receipt
  • Notification on Conclusion
  • Quality "Feedback" to the Applicant

This same level of service is provided by APIRS to all of their AP applicants.

Our intention is to provide a place where a governing body could certify any AP without having to be rated in the traditional manner. We discovered that there are many very good AP's who do not wish to be rated due to any variety of reasons (some of whom could be if they wished be rated at high levels with many of the current indexes including the APIRS Index). It is our hope that these AP's will discover APIRS and embrace the APIRS Certified membership. Of course the more time-honoured ranking system of 3 to 6 also forms an integral part of APIRS as well as our own Plus rating for years of dedicated service to the awards community. All APIRS AP's meet or exceed a level of competency that is posted in our basic criteria and not have any of the posted disqualifying components within their AP.
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